Wednesday, 25 May 2016


The Caine Prize for African Wrinting 2011

My Rating: 4 Stars

Genre: Short Story/Fiction

Year Of Publication: 2011

Number of pages: 224

A gang of young children from a camp pay a marauding visit to a rich neighbourhood... Will the murder of her daughter shake the foundations of Molly's world?... The death of the village Lothario causes a sexual revolution as husbands try to figure out what he had been giving their wives... A girl abducted by a rebel group years before comes home to pick up the threads of her life... A woman looks back over her long life and wonders how she ended up with her husband's mistress's dog...

This is the first Caine Prize book I've read, so It's safe to say I was impressed with what I read. This book contained a collection of 17 short stories by different authors from various parts of Africa. I love reading stories by other African Authors, mainly because of the knowledge and edge it adds to my mind. 
Comments on some of the stories: What Molly Knew (so didn't expect the end) , In The Spirit of McPhineas Lata ( I found this story particularly amusing) , Butterfly Dreams ( this was sad) , Hitting Budapest ( odd), Afritude (it reminded me of life in boarding school, but my experience wasn't so hardcore).
In my opinion, no story was "bad". I didn't quite grasp the plot or point of some stories , but they were all quite good and it was exciting to see that no two stories had identical plots. They were all unique in their own respect and the book helped me discover new authors, whose other literary works  I look forward to reading in future.
You can purchase this book from Africareeds for 1,200 naira only.

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As per usual, my wishlist has quadrupled in size and I still don't have the funds to purchase all the books on it #brokegirllifestyle So Wishlist Wednesday- from the name- is basically a monthly post on any random Wednesday of my choice where I'd list out books I've been lusting after. Each edition of Wishlist Wednesday will hold a different theme e.g Feminist edition, Female Authors edition (as stated in the post title) , Slavery edition, Foreign edition and so on. I really look forward to sharing the books I have discovered and those that are waiting to be discovered xx


                                                          Image result for love in the time of cholera

The above Flawed , The Memory of Love , Homegoing , The Mothers, The Domestication of Munachi, The White Woman on the Green Bicycle, The Nest, Lagoon, Boy, Snow, Bird, Burger's Daughter, Under the Udala Trees, Questions for Ada, Kindred, Love in the Time of Cholera and The Bride Prize, are a few books by female Authors  I've been lusting after for quite sometime now. I hope to acquire all as time goes on.
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