Sunday, 31 December 2017


Author: Binwell Sinyangwe

My Rating: 3 Stars

Genre: Fiction/ Literature

Year Published: 2000

ISBN: 9780435912024

Number of Pages: 152

Date Read: 03/12/2017


'These were the nineties,' reflects the narrator of A Cowrie of Hope, and for the young widow Nasula they are years of relentless economic hardship and privation. She dreams of a better life for her beautiful daughter, Sula, free from poverty and independent of marriage. But when Nasula finds herself unable to pay for Sula's education, her hopes seem to have been extinguished - until a friend advises her to go to Lusaka and sell her last sack of highly sought-after Mbala beans. Nasula makes the journey, but in the city she finds herself exposed to new, and predatory, dangers.


The author's writing style was pretty basic. The plot was kind of predictable, nothing mind-blowing, but pretty decent.

I especially loved how the story gave me Joys of Motherhood vibes. Nasula's drive reminded me so much of Nnu Ego. I mean the book definitely isn't in the league of books like the Joys of Motherhood, but regardless it does a good job of showing how deep and pure a mother's love for her child is.

Reading it was a breeze as the story wasn't too lengthy or complex. I took some excerpts from the book; you can check out my favourite quotes page for them. And because of this book, I look forward to reading more Zambian fiction.

Would I recommend this book? yes. It's quick and easy to read, I especially recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and emotional read . You can purchase your copy at the bookstore in Terra Kulture, Victoria Island.

P.S: Check out my favourite quotes page for new quotes :)

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