Saturday, 25 July 2015


Author: Ben Okri

Genre: Fiction

Year of publication: 2007

My rating: Four and half stars

 Starbook tells a magical tale of a prince, a maiden and  her artistic clandestine  tribe. The prince was not from her tribe though, but he grew to be a member. The maiden on the other hand ,was on her own journey of self discovery; born into the family of one of the most respected artists in the tribe - a legacy rested upon her shoulders ,but she was a very odd girl awaiting her own destiny and legacy. Read to find out  more! -Written by Chiamaka Amonye

   At one level, Starbook tells the delicate story of a prince and a maiden who are both tested by trails in a mythical land where art, initiation and dynamic stillness are supremely important.
    At another level, this rich and stimulating novel opens up the nature of reality, where the essence of life is  revealed, and the source of enchantment can be ours- where beauty , regeneration and fulfillment are perhaps possible. -Written by Ben Okri

          'We are listeners at the oracle. 
       Those who truly hear are touched and changed.'

My Verdict
   I personally like this book. I searched for it for about a year or so and fortunately for me,  I found it in the library at Ikoyi club, Ikoyi. I won't lie it took me a very long time to finish it, which is so unlike me.
But regardless, it is a lovely novel . 
   I seriously implore you guys to get this novel .Why? Because I have learnt so much from it. I discovered some new words like : elegiac, ardor, pathos and a lot more. And if you are a vigilant person, you would have observed from my Favourite Quotes page that this novel has a lot of magnetic quotes.
  The only issue I had with Starbook would be that it's quite lingering, but it was still worth the wait .
You can acquire it Here and Here also :)

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Thanks for reading xoxo
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