Wednesday, 2 September 2015


 Hi! Happy new month everyone! To quote on of my favourite bloggers, Demilade Aina of Coco-Bella Blog; September is the month of new beginnings! And what better way to celebrate the new month than to start a few new habits and regimens. Below is a list of five things I think every reader should own or incorporate whilst reading ! (Demilade's Blog Here)

1. Chamomlie Tea
Chamomile tea has been consumed for hundreds of years. It is made by infusing German chamomile (Matricaria recutita), a member of the sunflower family, in hot water. Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) is also beneficial, but most research has been done on German chamomile and it is the most commonly used in teas
Better Sleep
Chamomile tea’s most well-known benefit is as a sleep aid. It is known for its relaxing and soothing properties and is often taken before bed to promote restful sleep. Chamomile Tea has other benefits too; it helps with menstural cramps, it's also a cold fighter and even a wound healer! I suggest a hot mug of this tea should be consumed right before or during your reading time.
This is definitely going in my next shopping list :)

Bookmarks come in different shapes, sizes, designs and can even be homemade rather than store-bought. I urgue you guys to get one, because dog-ears are so nasty and they leave fold marks on the pages ( It makes the books look haggard and unkempt) .They absolutely irritate me when I spot them. I think this is something all true bibliophiles should invest in.

3. Pillows

Believe it or not, pillows actually play a great part in a reader's life. The way a pillow is postioned can ultimately determine how long you can read for. If you use a comfortable pillow, the chances of you covering a lot of pages are high, whereas if you use a not-so comfortable pillow, you might even stop reading all together. So, pillows are very important!

4. Soothings ointments and balms
It is ideal for every reader to be calm whilst reading, so as to grasp every single content of the book, but unfortunately I don't really know any decent balms or ointments, but I will definitely get back to you guys when i'm done with my trail and error ;)

5. Biscuits
Biscuits are like the best things to snack on whilst reading. They help you relax and they're also good for exercising your jaws and plus they're delicious :)

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely month!
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