Friday, 22 January 2016


Author: Amma Darko

Genre: Fiction

My Rating: 3. 2 Stars

Number of Pages: 140

Year of Publication: 1995

Mara has been deceived by her husband, Akobi, into coming to Europe to find a 'Paradise' but as the truth about Akobi and her new life unfolds she realises she is trapped. The expectations of her family in Africa force her to remain, living a lie.
Beyond the Horizon is a gripping and provocative story of the plight of African women in Europe, and the false hopes of those they leave behind.


The story was sad and I didn't quite like how it ended. I don't really have much to say, but it wasn't a bad read. It was a well thought out story. I kind of expected the whole end, but nevertheless, it was a refreshing read. You can purchase the book Here 

PS: Forgive me for not putting my all into this post and for giving such a curt review . I've actually been postponing this review due to laziness and lack of wifi- I actually read this book last year Lol. There are things about the book I'd like to share, but sadly I forgot to put those things in my notes, so I've forgotten -__-
once again, I'm deeply sorry. I promise to be more dedicated to blogging in 2016 :)
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  1. you're just a lazy hazz Chiamaka lmao
    great review though xx

    1. Pot calling kettle black kmt. Thanks though :)