Wednesday, 12 August 2015


    Hey there! I hope everyone is having an awesome week, I know I am :) 
I just checked my O' Level result; glory be to God I did well (5As and 4Bs) Anywho, onto more important things. My bestfriend, Enenma -Enny for short- is into writing .She's a literary enthusiast, she is all for peoms, art, music and so much more ! Her blog will be launched on the 20th of this month- yay :). Here are two of her short stories. Enjoy x


    I stood on the bridge waiting for you to come Freidrich. Why weren't you there  ? You promised you'd be there waiting by noon.  I'm so worried now Freidrich, you know I'm a paranoid person. They told me it would happen, but I didn't believe it. Am I going mad because of  you ?  Yes, I am. Freidrich please come. Don't leave me waiting on the bridge. The fog is too thick to see anything. I need you now. Why haven't you come yet ? I can see a figure now. He's coming closer. I'm scared Freidrich. Wait, is that you Freidrich. No! No, it's him Freidrich, it's him! He looks like the devil himself. Help me please Freidrich. Please where are you  ?
   It's too late now. I'm bleeding Freidrich. My stomach is covered in blood.
You didn't come and now I'm dying Freidrich. It's getting dark Freidrich. My eyesight is hazy. I can hear footsteps. It sounds like someone running Freidrich. He's staring at me Freidrich. Oh wait, it's you.
                                                                                      -Written By Enenma Ibekwe


"Maria" They shouted. I turned back to stare at all the glaring pupils of dissappoinment, fear, hope, sadness and melancholy. He came close to the ledge where I sat and placed his hand on my back. "Don't jump, I beg of you, " he whispered in my ear. A tear drop began to roll down my cheek and I tasted its saltiness at the edge of my mouth. I scanned the purple bruises on my arms and began to cry some more. I stared at the deep blue water. He whispered, "I won't let him hurt you, I promise." I watched him as he tried to untie the hefty rock perched beside me. As he nudged, I looked at his pale blue eyes. I turned to kiss him and right before his lips touched mine, I fell. I fell hard into the dark abyss. I struggled to gaze vaguely at those perfect eyes one last time, but he was too far. I cried as I silently began to drown. I didn't struggle with the rock for there was no hope. It was all over. Gone.
                                                                -Written By Enenma Ibekwe

You can contact Enenma on:
Twitter: @nemssnextdoor
Instagram: Nemssnextdoor
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