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Author: Taiye Selasi

Genre: Fiction

Year Of Publication: 2013

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

    Ghana Must Go is doleful tale about reunion, love and misunderstanding. - Written by Chiamaka Amonye

   Meet the Sais, a Nigerian-Ghanaian family living in the United States. A family prospering until the day father and surgeon Kweku Sai is the victim of a grave injustice.
Ashamed, he abandons his beautiful wife Fola and their little boys and girls, causing the family to fracture and spiral out into the world- New York, London, West Africa, New England - on uncertain, troubled journeys until, many years later, tragedy unites them. Now this broken family has a chance to heal - but can the Sais take it? - Written by Taiye Selasi

The author's summary says it all. I didn't quite enjoy the beginning of the book, because it was a drag (long and boring) but my friends convinced me to continue. I thank God I did, because it was such a sad and beautiful story. I got a bit confused due to the constant jumping from past to present. Nevertheless, it was an awesome debut. Kudos to Ms Selasi. I got comments about the book from my friends. Here they are:

"The beginning is quite confusing as she switches from past to the present a lot, but eventually you get the full picture and start to enjoy the book." - Demilade Aina

"Slow and confusing at the beginning, then gets great towards the end." - Daniella Taiwo
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Taiye Selasi ( Author)
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