Sunday, 9 August 2015


    I have decided to show a few books I have read, of which I will not be posting a full review on. The reason being, I cannot remember the full story line of some of them, but I do not want you guys to see some of these novels and turn a blind eye, simply because I failed to inform you about how good or how bad the book is.Whatever the case may be, here are a few books from  my near infinite list of good reads.... :)  

5 stars
This has to be the best book I have ever encountered.
 It has a wonderful story line and an inspiring conclusion. Get it.

4.5 starsThis book gave me so much life;
 I am totally itching to read the sequel.Get it.
4.5 stars
I loved the traditional igbo setting.Get it.
4 stars
Get this novel. That is all I have to say.Get it.
4 stars
Lovely story, sad ending.
Nonetheless, John Green deserves all the laud for this wonderful book.Get it.

2 stars
Boring. Boring. Boring. I forced myself to finish this book.
4.5 stars 
I need not say much; Chimamanda did good . Get it.
4 stars 
Nothing like anything I have ever read. (  in a good way though)Get it.
4.5 stars
Thumbs up Lola!
This novel accurately depicts the polygamous lifestyle.Get it.
4 stars
I loved it; I still love it.Get it.

3.5 stars
I wish I read this book under a less distracting condition.Get it.

   So, my birthday was this Sunday - The 2nd of August - and I received a few really nice novels from different friends and also a few family members. I will post reviews of each and every one of them soon :) Here they are : 

I got this from my dear friend, Demilade. She is  the sweetest.
Here's  her wonderful Fashion & Lifestyle blog :)

My dad got me this . 

My dear friend, Reme got me this.

I apologize for the inappropriate picture orientation.
Thank you for reading x
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