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Author: Sefi Atta

Genre: Fiction

Year Of Publication: 2008

My Rating: 3 Stars

It is the mid 1980s in Lagos and the governement's War Against Indiscipline and austerity measures are fully in operation. Tolani Ajao is secretary working at Federal Community Bank. A succession of unfortunate events lead Tolani's roomate and colleague, Rose, to persuade her to consider drug trafficking as an alternative means of making a living. Tolani's subsequent struggle with temptation forces her to reconsider her morality and that of her mother Arike's, as she embarks on a turbulent journey of self discovery.- Written by author.

"The bustle, choas and fast rhythm of Lagos jump from the pages of Swallow, Sefi Atta's new book. It is fiction steeped in life."  - Veronique Tadjo, author of As the Crow Files

Don't judge a book by It's cover. That's one thing I learnt from reading this novel. I guess I was so allured by the cover, that I expected too much from the book. In spite of the dissapointment, I enjoyed this very brief story and I also learnt a few new words. Sefi Atta could have  done better, considering how wonderful Everything Good Will Come was for me. The most important lesson I learnt from Swallow is that drug trafficking  is a no-no and using drugs also is detrimental to your health - obviously.

You can acquire the novel Here and also at the Jazz Hole, Shop No. 168, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi.

Sefi Atta (I adore her name)

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